TCGOV 2007

TED Conference on e-Government

Enhancing Public Administration Back-Offices

In combination with the 10th Int. Conf. on Business Information Systems

April 27, 2007   in Poznan, Poland

Jointly organized by:


The European Science Foundation (ESF) has established the program TOWARDS ELECTRONIC DEMOCRACY (TED) with the overall objectives:

  • To discuss and evaluate how advances of interactive decision-analytic tools might help develop e-Democracy.
  • To develop e-Government systems which involve their citizens more fully in the public decision making process.

As part of this program, a conference on interdisciplinary methods and techniques related to the TED program is organized. The conference aims at addressing a large spectrum of issues that are relevant and have to be investigated for a successful transition from the traditional form of government to a new form known as e-Government. The conference has a strong interdisciplinary character and aims to bring together people from different sectors, including researchers, technology providers, administrative staff, and politicians.

The conference is jointly organized by:

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  • Change of location and date: The organizers decided to have the conference as a preconference to the 10th International Conference on Business Information Systems on April 24, 2007 in Poznan, Poland.
  • Due to scheduling conflicts with other conferences we postponed the conference date. The new date is April, 2007.
  • Call for Papers:
    The new deadline for the submission of research papers is January 5, 2007.
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